Advantages | BOTm Mobile App Testing Platform
5X Productivity

Increased productivity over 5 times by testing cases simultaneously on multiple mobile devices. 100 % scriptless automated testing feature for faster go-to-market and enhanced testing accuracy every single time.

No Coding

No need to be a programmer or coder to become a mobile app automation tester on BOTm platform. You now get full stack testers within your team for a quicker approach to mobile app development.

Farm of Real Devices

Forget emulators, BOTm provides real time cloud access to multiple mobile devices, as per your choice, that you can access remotely for successful mobile app testing.

AI & ML Power

Use the in-built AI & ML empowered tool to reapply test cases to recurrent situations and scenarios.

Wow Insights

BOTm’s awesome user interface dashboard allows for smart capture of insights and analysis with easy control tools during test execution and post script device logs at every step.

Start Automating Fast

Fast ramp-up time compared to other tools. No framework setup. No setup of testing infrastructure.

Save on Resources

No technical scripting skills needed. No knowledge of coding or domain expertise. Reduction in investment of skilled resources.

Focus on Business Goals

Eliminate dependency on coding for specific tools or frameworks. Free up time to focus on business goals and their application.