How to ensure Mobile Testing is a success

How to ensure Mobile Testing is a success

Posted on - Jul 07, 2021 | 3 min read


Mobile App Testing has emerged as one of the most important business needs in the recent past as the world's leading brands have recognized the potential of a mobile app.

Therefore, creating a niche in this space has become the need of the hour, and creating user-friendly experience, even more so.

Maintaining standards and best practices in the testing process is key as Mobile Testing requires a lot of focus and intricacy.

Let's look into the actual steps that are to be taken in order to produce the test in an effective and efficient manner.

Step 1
Revisit and benchmark existing core metrics
At the beginning of the test, it is important to make a note of the criteria on which the Mobile App Testing will be measured upon. This is the stage in which standards are set, in order to ensure that there is a solid platform upon which further improvements can be measured. Setting baseline parameters is crucial while determining whether the Mobile Testing process is heading in the right direction to begin with.

Step 2
Key areas of improvements and goals
Once the standards have been set, key focus areas can be identified. These focus areas will be the primary objective of Mobile Testing only upon achieving these goals will the process be declared a success.

Step 3
Segment-first approach while constructing hypotheses
Rather than reaching a conclusion by looking at the test as a whole, it is better to break the testing process down into segments that will directly contribute to the end result.

This segmented approach will come in handy while analyzing Mobile App Testing results in key focus areas.

Step 4
Keep a log of your learnings and inculcate them
It is important to make a note of your testing results at each and every stage where there is a significant development in the Mobile Testing process. These logs be useful in the future, and can also act as benchmarks for the next test.

Mobile Testing is a step by step process that has to be conducted with a great amount of effort and concentration, at each and every stage. Keeping a detailed track of the procedure as well as having test scripts handy will result in a highly effective Mobile App Testing process.

Step 5
Realign with your product roadmap
Conducting in-depth testing with a segmented approach is important, but it is often seen that getting too engrossed in the testing process may become a hindrance to the overall timeline that is set for the product launch.

A balance must be struck between short-term and long-term goals, to maximize Mobile Testing efficiency and minimize time-to-market!