Script-less Test Automation – Every Stakeholder’s Nirvana

Script-less Test Automation – Every Stakeholder’s Nirvana

Posted on - Aug 22, 2023 | 3 min read

Script-less Test Automation – Every Stakeholder’s Nirvana


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A few decades ago Script-less Test Automation was not on any radar and possibly not part of anyone’s wildest dreams. After all coding and software testing were once inseparable like fish and water! But then we have the miracle of innovation and it’s only a matter of time when the impossible becomes the new normal! In the digital world though, the goalpost of the new normal keeps shifting – and so too the goalposts of all stakeholders!

For now, let’s touch on progressive innovations related to Test Automation, and focus attention on where Test Automation is at present.

A quick review of the evolution of Test Automation reveals that the leap from Manual Testing to Test Automation began with the advent of Legacy Code-based Tools. These then paved the way for Open Source Code-based tools. Innovation in test automation still later introduced Standalone Record and Playback Tools. These were further refined and innovation gifted software stakeholders with Script-less Test Automation...                    Where to from here? – Only time will tell!

Let’s proceed to understand more about Script-less Test Automation.

In simple terms, Script-less Test Automation indicates a system in which all frameworks, codes, libraries, and test cases are incorporated at the backend. This means that test scripts continuously build up in the backend and Testers need to run the test automation tool to test the software. Thus Script-less Test Automation immensely reduces the need for Testers to write test scripts.

Script-less Test Automation combines the best of the predecessor test automation tools – leveraging the power of code-based tools like Selenium, with the functional ease of Record and Playback Tools. Furthermore they harness the self-testing and self-healing properties of AI and ML, to bring stability and confidence to the testing process. The natural outcome of all this is that the testing process is enhanced with the twin benefits of tremendous speed and accuracy which are paramount in the software world.

The Benefits of Script-less Test Automation are Manifold.

  • Averts risks associated with short supply of skilled human resources, since in-depth programming knowledge is not required and app and business knowledge suffices. 
  • Accelerates Script Design and Development since days spent on coding/ writing test cases is immensely reduced. 
  • Reduces Go-to-Market time since testing speed and accuracy increases, which results in faster app delivery. 
  • Brings ease to test automation with well-defined and verified test cases being built into the backend, which greatly facilitates automation of even massive or complex test suites. 
  • Supports Agile and Devops Methodologies and helps avoid bottlenecks in the SDLC. 
  • Cost effective, as investment in a script-less tool is a one-time cost, but it enables testing of innumerable future projects too. Additionally, it does away with recurring expenditure on highly skilled programing experts which is a must for script-based automated testing. 
  • Facilitates ease in test maintenance through traceability of all reusable components, thus promoting object-oriented test automation. This enables faster test suite modification when changes are made. 
  • AI and ML driven self-healing properties of script-less test automation tools enable faster detection and fixing of bugs and improves testing accuracy, resulting in error free testing which boosts confidence in the testing process. 
  • Introduces ease and scalability into test automation by simplifying test script creation and automating test case designing, validation and execution. 
  • Greatly supports reusability of test cases for various scenarios, which enables flexibility and time saving in test automation. 
  • Easy to set up and furthermore easy to use. With just Basic English and Software Testing Logic, Testers will be able to build test cases without any manual coding. 
  • The absence of coding enables timely participation of Business Stakeholders in the QA process, facilitating value adding reviews which enhance the quality of the final app. 

So, just how does Script-less Test Automation work?

Script-less Test Automation Tools powered by AI and ML, are very intuitive, user-friendly tools or platforms that create test procedures on the go, as the Tester interacts online. It comprises of recording the tests on the screen and replaying them as a test. The test procedures so created can later be run in a browser.

Features can be tested by automating several data inputs – whether valid or not, even permitting a field to be left blank if required. Once the test case has been created or recorded on the screen, an assortment of features can be automated using a variety of data inputs. When developers update any user process feature, the relevant test case can be concurrently automated.

A good Script-less Test Automation platform can greatly help automate complex tests with ease. Furthermore they offer the added advantages of simultaneous cross-browser testing and parallel testing, thus greatly saving time while immensely increasing test coverage.


Every Stake-holders Nirvana

If you are a Tester, Script-less Test Automation is paradise as it relieves you from the nerve-wracking tasks of writing innumerable test cases in extremely crunched time. By including this task into the back-end, it reduces code quantum as well as Testers’ intervention in test cases and thus frees up your time to concentrate on more productive areas like validating business logic and processes. Furthermore you won’t need to be proficient in programming, as codes and test cases are built into the script-less test automaton tool.

Script-less Test Automation is also a haven for Software Firms, as it reduces risks associated with human intervention and brings tremendous speed and accuracy to the testing process resulting in time-saving and cost-saving for the Firm. Furthermore, with Testers’ time being freed for the highly skilled jobs, their productivity and testing productivity itself improves immensely. The speed and accuracy of script-less test automation, coupled with improved Testers’ productivity, translates into improved ROI and profits for the Firm. Besides, with the high employee turnover in the IT sector, having an AI and ML driven reliable and stable automated test case writer, brings stability and reduces the risk of testing getting derailed due to employee attrition.  All that the Firm needs is to carefully select a reliable and time-tested Script-less Test Automation tool that truly lives up to its claims.

For the app’s Business Owners, Script-less Test Automation provides an avenue to participate in the QA process and facilitates timely reviews of the app from the business angle. It also greatly reduces the all-important ‘go-to-market’ time of the app. This makes it possible for Business Owners to stay ahead of competition, reaping the first mover advantages, which translate into increased profits and ROI for Business Owners. 

Thus Script-less Test Automation is a veritable ‘Nirvana’ for every stakeholder.

What should you look for in choosing a good Script-less Test Automation Tool?

Your Script-less Test Automation tool is a one-time investment that should reap benefits for many years to come, and hence it’s important to make an enlightened choice. The following guidelines have been listed to help in taking the right decision:

  • Ensure that the tool has a truly ‘No Coding’ method for building test scripts.
  • Confirm the versatility of successfully running the test scripts on all devices and OS.
  • Avoid vendor lock-ins by ensuring it has features like Appium Converter to facilitate easy conversion of Appium script logs into the test automation platform’s script format.
  • Make sure that the script-less automated testing tool fully supports Continuous Integration and Continuous Testing.
  • Opt for a proven AI and ML driven self-testing, self-healing script-less test automated tool.
  • Check for multiple deployment facilities i.e. Device Farms, On-cloud, On-premise options.
  • Ensure the tool is easy to configure and is simple and easy to maintain.

There are many tools in the market so choose the one that best suits your needs. Make sure to use the free trial facility that most platforms offer, and confirm that it is truly a script-less, error-free testing tool, which keeps abreast of the latest innovations.

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